Outsourcing services

Whether you sell products or services, Addworth Solutions can help run your company’s back office support tasks in human resources, accounting support tasks and other back office business processes.

Why outsource?

Every business needs someone to manage hiring, payroll, employee relations, business process and training. Outsourcing provides the opportunity for businesses to focus on expansion and leave the support tasks in reliable hands.

You may not need a full time professional HR Manager or Accountant to support your business, but you realise that these roles provide you a peace of mind that your business is well managed.

Human Resource Management

We assist companies who need expertise in human resources and payroll management and act as an outsourced manager for their entire staffing requirement. We are not a recruitment agency, but take on the role of an external HR manager to manage the following:

  • monthly payroll processing, and related compliance with employment regulations

  • review and update appointment letters and other appointment contracts

  • review and update or implement Employment policies and handbook

  • review and update HR recruitment processes including appointment, performance management, and training needs analysis

  • implement performance management and appraisal systems

  • support our clients’ managers in managing employee related performance issues

Payroll management

Business process outsourcing for payroll services gives you assurance on

  • Consistency in implementation e.g. monthly payroll is completed on time

  • Continuity of service – you are not affected by any support employee leaving your company

  • Confidential information is not shared, other than with authorised employees

  • Cost effectiveness compared to hiring full time professional employees (when you only have enough work for a part timer)

  • Cost effectiveness in monitoring employee benefit claim limits

Avoid penalties payments to the authorities due to the lack of awareness on employment regulations, income tax deduction regulations, taxes, financial regulations and other legal requirements.

Other human resource services

Human resource administration

• Shortlisting candidates for interviewing

• Issue and update appointment letters and other appointment contracts

• Develop, issue, review and update employment policies and handbook & update job descriptions

• Employee management from recruitment processes, appointment, setup of new employee, performance management

• Exit interviews

Employee performance and rewards management

• Salary structure review and implementation

• Compensation and benefits

• Performance, incentive and bonus schemes

• Implement performance management and appraisal systems

• Support our clients’ managers in managing employee related performance issues

Right sizing corporate exercise

• Downsizing and retrenchment

• Reorganisation and redesigning jobs

• Employee assistance programmes

Training and competency development

• Competency profiling and management

• Training needs analysis for each employee

• Career and succession planning to manage talent

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