Personality profile

The DISC personality style model was developed by Dr William Marston at Harvard University. It helps us to identify our unique personality type. The DISC model helps us to identify personality traits, and to understand ourselves and others better. We can understand how our behavioural styles come across to others, how others’ styles affect us and how we can adjust our styles of interaction in order to improve our work relations and reduce stress. Once we understand how people interact with different styles of behaviour and in different environments, this can also help us in work and relationship situations for improved interactions with others

Doing your own DISC profile assessment

- Analysis of your own profile assessment

- Understanding how our personalities tend to communicate

- Understanding other's communicating styles

- Learning different styles of communication

Improving relationships through understanding personalities 

When there are frequent conflicts or disagreements in the company, DISC is used for assessment and a group coaching or training is conducted to help teams and employees understand the communication and behavioural styles and needs of each team member.