Employee assistance

What is employee assistance?

Generally employee assistance help employees who may be struggling with the personal problems and work related problems on a confidential one to one basis. These problems may affect their work performance and managers at work do not have the time or resources to help employees manage these problems as doing this can distract from the work of the manager.

There are different forms of employee assistance available in the market. In Addworth Solutions, we provide solutions to organisations to support the following employees' needs

  1. coaching for employees in

  • work performance

  • communication and interpersonal skills

  • managing stress and mental health

  1. career planning and development

  2. support for employees in life transitions such as

  • managing personal finances and investments

  • preparing for marriage

  • preparing for retirement

  • preparing to leave their jobs

One on one sessions are conducted confidentially at our office.

Group coaching is also available for a small group of employees with the same needs