Life coaching

what is Life coaching ?

Life Coaching services are personalized. They can cover various aspects of personal life of the client ranging from life planning, career planning, personality assessment, personal money management, stress management, etc. A supportive environment is created where the client is encouraged to explore what they want in life, how they might achieve their goals, and how to fulfil their needs. The life coach assists the client to stay the course, keep to their plans on achieving their goals as they provide a sounding board for thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

How do I know if I need personal life coaching?

People usually look for answers to their problems and help in decision making by talking to their friends and family. If they find the answer, act on it, and obtain good outcomes, then they do not need any coaching.

However, there are times when too many opinions and advice from friends and family can be confusing. You may find the people you talk to have their own ’agenda’ for you. If you are stuck, and whatever you tried and advise you followed has not worked, then look for a life coach to help you along.

You do not look for a coach to give you further advice. You look for a coach to help you sort out what is best for yourself. You are ready for a coach if you are ready to reveal your inner thoughts to an impartial stranger (coach) who would only have your agenda in mind. Your coach would help you work towards your goals.

Life coaching is not therapy

Coaching does not seek to resolve deep underlying emotional issues as with therapy and counselling. It is focused on issues on identifying aspirations, setting realistic goals and working out plans to achieve results within a given time period. At times, clients may be stuck due to a deep underlying issue. Your coach will highlight this to you and refer you to work with a therapist or a counselor.

Life coaching online

You can also meet your life coach online if meeting physically at our office is inconvenient. Each coaching session lasts about one hour.

There will be a specific agenda set so that discussions are focused and you go away with an personal action plan having gained further insights during the coaching session.

Request for a call from a coach today. You can request for one 30 minute complimentary session.