Lives in transition

Managing life stage changes

As we grow, learn and mature we navigate through many events taking place in our lives. At times these events may affect our progress

  • we may be stuck or be in a limbo

  • we are looking to make a change

  • we want to find our purpose in life

  • we want to discover what is meaningful

and may need a coach as a guide to make progress.

You can request for one 30 minute complimentary session.

Engaging conversations - online groups using Google meet

Some people find it challenging to make friends, shy away from engaging with others for fear of being embarrassed or hurt. This may be because they have not learnt this in their family or personal environment. As a result they feel lonely and rejected and wonder if they will ever be able to engage with others for friendship and companionship. This is a series of 10 group sessions of facilitated on-line learning with others in the group.

Planning personal finances

If you find it challenging to spend within your pay cheque and need to borrow to last through the month, you may want to look into your spending habits and managing your debts. You can ask your employer permission to attend a workshop on personal finance or meet with a coach privately.