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Engaging conversations - online groups using Google meet

Some people find it challenging to make friends, shy away from engaging with others for fear of being embarrassed or hurt. This may be because they have not learnt this in their family or personal environment. As a result they feel lonely and rejected and wonder if they will ever be able to engage with others for friendship and companionship. The need to relate to others and the feeling of belonging runs deep in every human being. To meet this need, we need to learn how to engage with others so that we can relate to them.

Are you engaging with people on a surface level? Do you think that you do not have 'real friends' or that friends hurt each other? In this 'Engaging conversations' group learn more about yourself and how you engage with others.

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Engaging conversations group is a series of 10 group sessions, lasting for 1.5 hours each time. A group facilitator will facilitate group learning with members of the group. The Engaging conversations group has the following learning objectives.

  • Learn about problems that keep others from wanting to engage

  • Learn to speak freely and engage with others in the group

  • Learn to listen and accept another's point of view

  • Learn to engage with whoever is speaking

  • Learn self-awareness when engaging with others

About your group facilitator

Karen Karn


  • MA (Counselling), AOIC, Malaysia

  • MBA, Keele University, United Kingdom

  • Graduated from Asso. of Chartered Certified Accountants


  • Certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (William Glasser Institute)

  • Certified Behavioral Consultant

  • Certified Life coach

  • Certified Professional Trainer (IPMA & Quest group)

  • HRDF approved trainer (HRDF)

  • Certified Human Resource Manager (MIHRM - life member)

  • Chartered Accountant (MIA member)


  • CBT - cognitive behaviour therapy

  • CT/RT -Choice theory and reality therapy

  • ACT - acceptance commitment therapy


  • Experienced in individual and couple counselling

  • Experienced in psychoeducational group work

  • Life coaching - career coaching and assessment, financial planning and coaching, life goals setting, emotional intelligence

  • Employee assistance engagement - life coaching

  • Teaching communication & listening skills, counselling skills, theories in counselling, and abnormal psychology

  • Experienced in corporate training related to business performance management, executive coaching, and group coaching